South Dakota American Legion Auxiliary



Judy Lindhorst
American Legion Auxiliary, Department of SD
15241 357th Ave.
Wecota, SD 57438
Cell: 605-380-0891
Home: 605-324-3673

I am honored to serve as Scrapbook Chairman for Department President Melanie Martens. I will do my best to gather, organize and compile a scrapbook that Melanie can look at and remember her year as Department President.

My plan of action includes gathering and organizing pictures, events, articles and activities throughout the President’s year. Putting these things in the form of a scrapbook and presenting it to her at the 2017 Convention.

As a goal for the units I am asking you to complete a scrapbook of your activities for the year for your membership to review and enjoy.

I am asking units and members to submit to me activities, newspaper clippings and pictures that would be appropriate for the President’s book. Please send them to me at the address above.

With your help we can make this a very complete scrapbook of President Melanie's year.

Just a reminder to send in a report of all your activities to your District President by November 15th, 2016 and year-end reports by April 15th , 2016.

If you have any questions or needed assistacne

Respectfully submitted by,

Judy Lindhorst
Scrapbook Chairman