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Department Programs Action Plan

Nancy Wallin

318 Custer Street

Belle Fourche, SD 57717



Music is a program of the South Dakota American Legion Auxiliary.

Patriotic music has been a part of American History since the founding of the United States in the 18th century.  Drummer and Fifers were used in battle to signal the soldiers to fire.  In the hazy fog of battle visual command was impossible and musical instruments were the only way to convey orders.  By the time of the Civil War each company had its own field musician’s one drummer and one fifer to provide daily signals telling soldiers when to wake up, eat and go to bed. A third instrument was added in the 19th century; the military bugle was introduced to the US during the War of 1812.

Operation Encore, a veteran music project brought veteran singers and song writers together to put their military experiences to song and verse.

Each branch of our military service has its own official song.  It’s part of their heritage as well as to them to rally them; Coast Guard – “Simper Paratus” (Always Ready), Air Force – “Off we go into the Wild Blue Yonder”, Navy – “Anchors Away”, Marine Corp – “Marines Hymn”, Army – “The Army Goes Rolling Away”.

My Plan of Action is to make sure music is used whenever possible in our meetings and get togethers.  My goal is to make sure the songs our Department President Melanie Martens has picked out are used.  Her songs are God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood, This Land is Your Land and Amazing Grace.

This is my first year as a Department Chairman so I will try to do my best.  Music does affect our daily lives.  Music is simply a force that cannot be explained.  Music enhances our lives and reinvigorates our senses.

I would like to add anything you use for music to Department President Melanie’s memories.  Please mail your songs to my home address.