South Dakota American Legion Auxiliary




Linda Rae Placek, Chairman

20076 Millennium Ave, Pierre, SD 57501

The Leadership Program develops leaders at all levels, grows membership and mentors of all ages.
(South Dakota Leadership Goal Suggestions Are Below, Under the 5 National Goals)

1. Develop future leaders at all levels of the organization.
• Have one member of each Unit give a short presentation on an ALA program to the Unit during the January, February or March meeting.
• Implement the National ALA Unit Member/Leader Data Survey within your Unit. (See Form, pg. 3)

2. Enhance leaders’ knowledge about ALA history, programs and organization.
• Have one Unit member volunteer to be a trainer/course leader for the Basics Course.
For credit on this suggested goal, please report the Unit name and member’s contact info prior to January 1st to SD ALA Leadership Chair, Linda Rae Placek at the above email/phone number.

3. Encourage the use of Auxiliary reference documents and materials, such as the Unit Guide Book and Constitution & Bylaws, Department Operations Guide, ALA Girls State Program Guide, and the national website listing of previous annual reports, to include the Centennial Strategic Plan initiatives.
• Use a quiz at one of the meetings with a fun prize which will assist you all in asking questions about any programs or terminology you don’t fully understand. Need suggestions, call Linda Rae Placek, Leadership Chair @ 605-280-6601.
• Have the Executive Officers create a true/false quiz for the membership of at least 10 questions on the Unit’s Constitution and By-Laws to create awareness of the rules and regulations of your own Unit and ALA.

4. Offer a mentoring program, utilizing the knowledge and experiences of members that have served as leaders beyond the unit level.
• Use positive, experienced members to train and guide new members. Plan a “mock new officers” meeting with the current officers mentoring new members in filling that office for that meeting. You will need a large head table or U shaped arrangement so the “mock officers” can sit beside their regular officers to mentor them through the meeting.
o For example: The current chaplain would show the “mock chaplain” where the prayers are in the order of the program and where she finds the appropriate prayers for the meeting. She would then have the “mock chaplain” share one or more of the prayers.
o Another example: The current president would provide an Agenda and Order of Business format for the “mock president” and instruct the “mock president” when to use the gavel/bell to call the meeting to order and how many bells are rung. The “mock president” may call upon another regular new member to lead the Unit in the Pledge of Allegiance. The idea is to share all or some of the responsibilities during the Unit meeting.
o Follow the above examples for all officers within your Unit. The idea is so that all officers will get a chance to mentor a new member or a regular member that has not yet held that office.

5. Nurture a culture of goodwill at all levels of the organization.
• Provide Unit officers’/board of directors’ contact information (i.e. in brochures or on note cards) to members.
• Give praise and recognition at least four times during the year when members do what is asked or go beyond what was expected. Small tokens of appreciation are all ways to encourage cooperation and thankfulness to members for their contributions (i.e. awards, a pack of gum, a small herb plant or simply having the members stand to be recognized).

Bonus option: Allow one tasteful joke at the beginning of each gathering to provide beautiful SD ALA smiles!

*All Units that report on their Mid-Year /Year-End Reports with one item accomplished as listed under each of the 5 National Leadership Goals on the above South Dakota Leadership Goal Suggestions will be entered into a random drawing of prizes.
Get started right away! This might prove to be a great learning and mentoring year with profitable and fun results!
What will your Unit payoffs be?

Mid Year Reports Year End Reports
From Units to District Presidents November 15, 2016 April 15, 2017
From District Presidents to Dept. Chair December 1, 2016 May 1, 2017
From Dept. Chair to Dept. Pres. &
National Divisional Chairman December 15, 2016 May 15, 2017

*Report your Unit Trainer for the Leadership Basics Course to SD ALA Leadership Chair before January 1st.

Mid Year Reports include activities from April 1, 2016 to November 1, 2016.
Year End Reports include all activities from April 1, 2016 through March 31, 2017.

As part of your narrative report, please include answers to the following questions:
• How many unit trainings were held?
• Total number of members attending all of these trainings?
• What topics or presentations were included in your trainings?
• Did you hold training on nurturing a culture of goodwill?

National ALA Leadership Program Action Plan/forms ( /programs-action-plan/)
(Much information is available on this National ALA Leadership Program Action Plan, including resources and ideas. Please visit.)