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October 21, 2014

On Saturday, October 18 the Executive board held a Special Meeting in Chamberlain, SD.  This meeting was requested by a majority of the District Presidents for the purpose of discussing the Department headquarters staff. Contrary to many of the rumors that you may have heard, this meeting was NOT for the purpose of firing the Department secretary but rather to address the ongoing issue that we have regarding our financial statements. 

As individuals you all file a yearly tax return, as a nonprofit organization we are also required to file a tax return, referred to as a “990”. Our financial year ends on April 30; as of this date we have not filed our “990” for the year ending April 30, 2013 or for the year ending April 30, 2014.  The lack of filing is due to the fact our financial statements have not been completed.

Imagine running a business and not knowing what sales and expenses were for two years.  How would you know if you could afford to give your employees a raise or to take a vacation?  As an organization our mission is the Veterans – but in order to work our programs, provide shower items to the VA’s, and support our Veterans in the many ways that we do with monetary donations we need to know where our money is.  That is why these financial statements are so important. 

Also, as a nonprofit we have an obligation to file our 990 with the IRS by the due dates specified – and we have not done that.

In order to address these concerns the Executive Board passed four Resolutions on Saturday, October 18th.  This is a summary of those Resolutions:

Resolution 2014-001:  Department Secretary and Department Treasurer are suspended with full pay and benefits, until such time as the Executive Committee resolves the outstanding issues and so long as they comply with all requests to turn over records and property of the organization.

Resolution 2014-002: Department President shall appoint a committee under the authority of the American Legion Auxiliary Department of South Dakota By Laws, Article II. to carry out the business of the Department with minimal interruption.

Resolution 2014-003: Department Finance Chairperson is instructed and authorized to immediately collect and take custody of all financial and other records of the Department currently in the possession of the Department Secretary and/or Treasurer.

Resolution 2014-004: Department President is authorized to contract with a reputable accounting firm to conduct an audit of the Department’s accounts, monies, warrants and any other financial matters

The action of the Executive Committee in no way conveys or denotes that the Executive Committee has found any wrong doing on the part of the Department Secretary or Department Treasurer, but rather that it is exercising its legal and fiduciary obligations to the corporation as corporate officers.

For every Auxiliary member that supports this move there is one that does not.  This has been a very difficult decision for many of us, and definitely not an easy one, nor one that was made without legal advice.  People will be critical of these decisions; stating it was not necessary.  Others will crucify us for not doing something sooner and wanting to know why it was let to go on this long.  And many people will not take the time to read this entire article in order to become informed.  Pardon my French “But damned if you do and damned if you don’t.”

Our focus is Veterans, Active Duty Military and Military Families – but in order to carry out the mission of our organization we must have our affairs in order.

In the Spirit of Good Will!!


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