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May 15, 2015

I am so pleased to announce that Laurel Stringer has been hired as the Department Secretary for the South Dakota American Legion Auxiliary!!  Laurel is a member of Sioux Falls Unit 15 and resides in Hartford, SD.  She is eligible for the American Legion Auxiliary through her husband Ed and her son Robert Dickerson.  Laurel’s professional background includes 34 years of accounting and finance.  

With the hiring of Laurel also comes a Department Headquarters Office!!  Our new office is located at 129 North Main Street in Hartford, SD.  The SD ALA moved into their new office on Friday, May 15th – which means on Monday, May 18th it will be open for business.  The SD ALA now has a place of business that we can be proud of, along with a storage room and a conference room.  This is extremely exciting for our organization.

Memorial Day is just a few days away – I hope that your Unit is planning some special events.  Memorial Day is the day Americans set aside to honor those brave men and women who met tragic ends during times of war. We must use this day to honor their sacrifices, to pray for their families, and to bow our heads in recognition of their service. We must never forget.  As American citizens, we owe everything to those men and women who heroically sacrificed so much to preserve our nation’s freedoms. What are we when we no longer honor the memory and service of our protectors?

I hope that everyone is making their plans to attend the State Convention – it will be here before we know it!

In the Spirit of Good Will!!


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