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August 25, 2014

Greeting from Charlotte, North Carolina!!  The National Convention officially opened this morning however, we have already been attending meetings and events for a couple of days.  Once again, South Dakota will be coming home with awards!!  This year we have received awards for Community Service, Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, a National Winner for the Essay Contest, and also for a Poppy entry.   I don’t have all the details at this time but I am sure National Convention Chairman Janet Hurlbert will be providing us with the details.

District meeting begin in just two weeks!!  Have you made plans to attend yours?  I hope so. I am putting the finishing touches on my presentation and I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the meetings. That is probably what I love the most about this organization – is going places and having the opportunity to see old friends and to meet new people.  Here at National I am amazed how many people that I have met over the years remember me and come up to say “Hi”.  We may not always remember each other’s name but we recognize the face. I hope that as I start attending the District Meeting you will forgive me if I have forgotten your name, sometimes – my memory goes into “auto dump”.

South Dakota was one of 85 entries in the parade on Sunday – Thank God it was a cool 82 degrees! Commander Jurgens and I had the honor of leading the South Dakota delegation.  We were positioned towards the front of the parade so once we were done we got to watch everyone else.  What a fabulous display of patriotism!!!

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